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The PC Clinic was founded on the basic principles of providing fast, friendly and affordable service. Our mission is to provide professional repairs and tech support that is reliable, simple and easy to understand. Offering not just another repair option but ones that provide better solutions in today's busy world.

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At The PC Clinic of Durango we offer a 30 day workmanship warranty on any repair we do. We also honor the manufactures parts warranty  on any  part we replace for up to one year.** If a part we replaced should fail while under warranty  we will deal with the manufacture for you and even take care of the labor too.

** New part warranties very

** Used part warranties are for 30 days

** Refurbished part warranties are for 90 days


Gmail Hacked?

How safe is your Gmail account? Are you sure it is really secure?  As a computer repair tech I am starting to see a large increase in my clients Gmail accounts getting hacked........

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Search Conduit and Google Chrome

Search Conduit is a little piece of  nasty  Malware that we are finding on most of the computers that are coming into our shop. It infects you operating system and you browsers while........

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If one anti-virus is good then two or more is better. Though this sounds like a great idea it actually……..

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Simple things about your computer that most people get wrong

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