Laptop Hinge Replacement

So your laptop has come unhinged...  (yeah, I had to, you know I did)

The continuous opening and closing of a laptop over years can put a huge amount of strain on the computer case where hinges mount. This can result in the hinges no longer being affixed to anything. So what's the big deal if you can still open and close your laptop?

Over time, the pressure from the loose hinges can cause quite a bit of internal damage. This can be to cables, other hardware or even the case itself. 

There are a few ways of going about this repair. The broken part of the case where the hinges used to mount can be replaced, but this isn't always the most economic repair. 

Sometimes we are able to rebuild the hinge mounts and secure everything back into place. This can be a very cost effective way of getting everything back on track though it can end up lacking a little in the aesthetic department. 

No matter which way you prefer, we can get your laptop back into shape and working as it is supposed to. 

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