Our Services

Virus Removal

Computer viruses are everywhere and it's easier than ever to get them.
We specialize in complete cleanups and guarantee our results

System Optimization

There are so many things that can slow down your computer. We perform full diagnostics to find the best answer for a faster computer.

Data Recovery

Everything is stored on our computers. Thousands of photos, documents, and songs can be lost in an instant. We have the tools to get it all back. 

Laptop Screen Replacement

Whether your laptop screen has cracked,  stopped working, or maybe has some lines, we can get you a new screen and replace it, quite often costing far less than replacing the whole computer. 

Laptop Hinge Repair

Opening and closing a laptop on a regular basis can put intense strain on the part of your laptop that hold the hinges in place. 
We can either replace the part of the case that's broken or just repair it. We'll give you details on both options. 

Power Jack Replacement

Power cords get tripped over, yanked on, and otherwise unintentionally abused. This can cause all kinds of strain on the power jack inside the laptop, often resulting in breaking. Most power jacks aren't soldered to the motherboard any more, making them quite simple to replace. 

Boot Issues

All of a sudden your computer won't boot any more and you can't access your programs and files. We will check your hard drive and system for errors. Even if it can't be repaired, we can back up all of your data and reload your operating system ensuring you won't lose anything.

Hardware Upgrades

The two primary upgrades that a system needs are larger or faster hard drives and RAM (system memory). If your hard drive is wearing out or full, it just takes a newer, larger drive to get going again.
With constant software updates, programs become more demanding on system memory. Most computers can be upgrading quite easily. 

New Computers

So, it's time for a new computer, but where do you even begin. We offer a simple solution that gets you the computer you need that doesn't break your budget. Whether it's desktop or laptop, and new or refurbished, we can help you get what you need. You get a ready-to-use computer, quickly. 

On-Site Services

We understand that there are many reasons your equipment might not be able to be fixed in our shop. It can be difficult to get your computer, printer or monitor into the shop. Perhaps a lack of reliable transportation, or maybe you just don't want to take the trip. We will be happy to schedule a service call that works with your schedule.

Business Services

These days, computers and connected equipment are heavily integrated into our businesses. We rely on this equipment not only to make business run smoothly and more efficiently, when it's down, business doesn't run correctly. We have years of experience and specific training in working on office equipment and making it happen quickly. 

New Service
Mac Repair

Macs! We fix em. We sell em. We use em.