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You’re about to lose ALL of your data

Let’s face it, at any given time there are over a dozen different ways that your computer data could all get lost without any chance of recovery.

Allow me to share a story. After my brother passed away, I was tasked with getting all of his photos copied so that some of his experiences could be shared with the family. We were all gathered around the dinner table, eating and having somber conversation; my brother’s laptop was plugged in and charging so that his data could be copied and shared. A gentle spring rain fell outside as the sun set. Out of nowhere, lightning lit up the whole sky and thunder rattled the windows. We all jumped from our surprise, and as we settled, we smiled at each other nervously and laughed it off.

As dinner was finished, I made my way to the laptop only to find that it wouldn’t power on. The power surge fried the whole computer. After that, it was months of frustration and many dollars later that finally got his photos available to the family. It could have all been lost forever.

There are so many very important items stored on every one of our computers. We have family photos, vacations, important events, crucial documents, and very fond memories of those who are no longer with us - memories that bring a smile to our faces, if not sometimes a tear or two to our eyes.

If this important data only exists on one device or in one place, there is a huge risk of losing it forever. Or, if the computer fails, it could cost as much as $2,000 to get it all back.

So let’s say you are reading this, and know that you are one of the very rare, diligent computer owners. You have your computer, you have your external hard drive, and you do regular backups. Let’s be honest, nobody does regular backups. What would happen if there was a break-in? A fire? A sudden and unexpected bolt of lightning? What would you do if tragedy were to strike? I didn’t worry about it. I’m a computer guy. I can handle these things… Oops…

So what is the answer to this conundrum? Well, for starters, the external hard drive and regular backups is a great place to start - especially if you’re one who doesn’t have that in place right now. Second, consider how valuable your data is. Is it worth spending $10 a month to make sure it’s backed up on one of the many cloud backup options? Most cloud storage options cost less than $100 a year. It may seem like a huge expense but let me ask you this. What is it worth to know you have peace of mind that your data is intact?

Or you can always come see us at The PC Clinic. We can help you navigate the seemingly endless possibilities for data backup. We’ll probably even smile when you ask for assistance in setting up a good backup solution. We’d rather help you prevent tragedy, than scramble with you to recover everything.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin-

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