System Optimization

There are so many different causes making a computer to slow down. Software running, hardware failing, new updates changed things, lack of updates not making good changes, viruses, lack of hardware resources, and the list goes on. 

Here at The PC Clinic, we look at your computer as a whole. We check its age, it's hardware, the response time, the boot time, the shutdown time, what's set to run on start up, data collection processes and much more. We take the time to make sure that your computer runs for what YOU use it, and not just for the software developers to "do it for you".

A good system optimization takes a detailed approach to ensure that your computer not only runs well when you walk out the door, but continues running well for months to come. 

Sometimes, we will address only software issues. Other times we will recommend hardware upgrades or even that it may be time to be looking for a replacement computer. No matter what the diagnosis though, we will be with you the whole way to not only make the computer work well, but to help you understand what was done, and how you can keep the system running at optimal performance for as long as possible. 

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