Virus Removal

So what is malware? Malware is just a simple term defining all malicious software. This includes viruses, trojans, unwanted applications, browser hijackers, malicious browser extensions, cryptojackers (cryptocurrency theft), ransomware and much more. 

Accoring to the total malware out there is up almost 2000% in the last ten years and will likely total more than one billion by the end of 2019. 
According to 1 in every 13 web requests currently lead to malware, and ransomware grows by 350% a year. Viruses and other malware are everywhere and all too easy to stumble upon. 

So what does this mean for you? It's highly likely that if you are getting online with your computer and are using only a free version of an anti-virus, that you will likely have a virus on your computer within less than a year, whether you realize it or not. While we do encourage use of at least a free version of some security software, we do highly recommend that you upgrade your subscription for enhanced online security.

What's the risk? Information is the digital frontier. The more information that can be collected, the more power you have to profit from it. From ransomware to trojans, if the information is compromised, the cost can be high. If any malware is left unchecked on your computer, your information may be at risk. 

We don't simply scan your computer with a single virus scanner and call it a day. We use multiple scanners that check your computer against a variety of definition sets. We then manually check settings we know to be affected by certain malware. When we're finished scanning, we clean up temp files, registry entries, privacy traces, and security holes that remain. 

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